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2023 Event Schedule

Annual Club Meeting

Annual Club Meeting

Thursday - October 19, 2023

Start Time: 7:00 pm

Location: Anderson Center at 7850 Five Mile Road - Lower Level Meeting Room


  • 2024 Club Officer elections

  • Anyone wishing to add items to the agenda please email them to any of the club officers.

Anderson Center at 7850 Five Mile Road. Meeting will begin promptly at 7pm.  Location in the building is the Lower Level Meeting Room - front door and down the staircase.

Election of 2024 officers is our primary function.  Your existing officers have indicated a wiliness to continue if voted in but any member may run and will be added to our ballot if you let us know ahead of time. Email if you want to be added to ballot. Write-ins are also welcome.

Other items open for discussion:

  • Our standing with the FAA

  • Continuing safety concerns

  • Vehicle parking

  • Lost planes

  • The Porta Potty

  • If you have other concerns, please bring them so we can discuss them.

Pizza & drinks as always, afterwards.

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