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Flying Site

Safety/Operational Rules

  • Deliberate flying behind the Flight Line is prohibited.


  • Taxiing is not allowed behind the Flight Line.


  • Only pilots and assistants are allowed beyond the Flight Line.


  • All pilots must have a current AMA membership card and must display it if requested.


  • Children should not be permitted beyond the flight benches unless under the direct supervision of an adult or under flight instruction.


  • The established Club frequency control plan will be in force at all times.


  • Model high-start/bungee-launch lines are to run on the flight side of the Flight Line and relatively parallel to the active runway.


  • Pilots shall make appropriate announcement when taking off, landing or in emergency conditions.


  • Models will only be flown in predesignated areas and will yield right-of-way to full size aircraft.


  • Flight operations will stop during an electrical storm.


  • The AMA safety code will be displayed at the flying site at all times.


  • It is strongly recommended that members do no fly alone.


  • Compliance to these rules is the responsibility of each member.

AMA Safety Code and Safety Handbook

The Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) has released a new AMA Safety Code and Safety Handbook. The Safety Code still institutes the same safety principles that have kept our hobby safe for decades. However, it is now much shorter and more succinct than the old Safety Code, and it’s accompanied by a Safety Handbook that contains detailed information about the safety guidelines for each specific aeromodeling discipline.


AMA Safety Code

AMA Safety Handbook

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