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About Us


The Anderson Flyers R/C Flying Club and its members are dedicated to exploring and promoting the hobby of building and flying all types, styles and sizes of radio controlled model aircraft.


We believe that model aviation is a hobby that can be enjoyed by one and all and we cordially invite everyone to come and see what our club is all about!


Whether you are a member, prospective member or just curious about model aircraft, we encourage you to take a tour of our website. We are doing our best to provide current, accurate information concerning the club and it's members, upcoming events and topics of interest across the model aviation community.


If you are new to model aviation, please feel free to ask questions via email, our club forums or better yet, come join us at a future meeting. Guests are always welcome and our flying field is open to anyone who would like to observe our members "in action" flying their model aircraft.


To ensure your safety and enjoyment, please adhere to our posted rules!



Club Constitution and By-Laws

          The club constitution is available in PDF form.

          Anderson Flyers Constitution

The Anderson Flyers Radio Control Club is an AMA Chartered club - Club #3427


In the mid-1960s, AMA established a program that gave local AMA members the opportunity to join together as a group, enjoy camaraderie, exchange modeling tips and tricks, and secure use of flying sites. This was structured under the concept of organized groups, which are identified as AMA Chartered Clubs. Today AMA charters nearly 2,400 clubs throughout the United States.

AMA offers a variety of programs and benefits to chartered clubs such as flying site assistance and disaster relief grants, media recognition rewards, and liability coverage for officers and flying site owners to name just a few.

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