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Links to Other Local Clubs and Local Hobby Shops


Local clubs and hobby shops are vital components in the preservation of the RC hobby.  There are no other avenues that are as effective at educating new participatants in the hobby.  As memebers of the Anderson Flyers RC Club we look for opportunities to help support other RC clubs and hobby shops.

Local Hobby Shops











          415 Wards Corner Road

          Cincinnati, Ohio 45140

          (513) 248-4666


Store Hours:

Monday - Friday: 10:00am - 7:00pm

Saturday: 10:00am - 5:00pm





              Waterstone Shopping Center

              9120 Union Cemetary Rd.

              Cincinnati, OH 45249


              Kevin Roberson , Manager

                   10% Discount (certain items/categories)

                   Just show Anderson Flyers Member Card


  • Pit Row Hobby Shop

              7796 Montgomery Road

             Kenwood, OH 

             (513) 891-7487

                   10% Discount









              2446 Anderson Road

              Crescent Springs, KY 41017

             (859) 815-8697 (TOYS)

             Owner: Mike Leeke

                   10% Discount




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